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Mr. Nick D’arcangelo taught junior high classes at our daughter's private school for one year and left the school after the second semester in May of 2012. I felt uncomfortable with things told to us by our daughter and after meeting with Mr. D arcangelo my uneasiness worsened. His comments he's “everybody’s grandpa” and my daughter can talk to him about anything when characterizing his teaching style made us feel uneasy. When we learned he routinely permitted several of my daughter’s classmates to spend breaks and lunch hours alone with him in the classroom it put my husband and me on edge.

When I learned Mr. D'arcangelo would not continue teaching at the school after the close of the 2012 spring semester I wasn't aware of inappropriate interactions with students and certainly had no knowledge of photos, videos, or a blog posted with letters, poems, memos and pictures until my daughter showed me text messages between Mr. D'arcangelo and her classmate that occurred after his departure from the school in May, 2012.

Letters from young teenage girls pronouncing their love and feelings for him, videos of junior high girls dancing and performing for Mr. D’arcangelo, photos with personal inscriptions to him, request for a fake ID so a student can drink alcohol when out with Mr. D'arcangelo, communications from Mr. D’arcangelo expressing his intimate feelings, to name a few, were exchanged between Mr. D'arcangelo and several junior high girls.

Parents, never second-guess your instincts about your child’s school and teachers. A teacher's moral character is a valuable indicator of the person and should not be overlooked. Consider it your priority to know your children’s educators including teachers your child likes and enjoys. Find out what is said and done in the classroom and observe if the teacher interacts with all students in a consistent manner as opposed to treating a select few as "favorite students".

I felt uneasy with the moral character and teaching style of Nick D'arcangelo.


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all of these things are lies i am a student of his at combs and he is a very good teacher i am a student aid and i haven't gotten any problems with him.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #672773

About 5 or 6 years ago while teaching theatre arts at St.Mary’s downtown, complaints and whispers about Mr.

D’arcangelo preying on teenage girls and directing classes while drunk and high were dubiously swept under sacramental robes. The same school principal is now at Combs Middle School. Coincidence Mr.

D’arcangelo is now teaching at Combs?I think not.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #670956

Mr. D likes girl’s attention which seemed pretty twisted.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #668254

Thomas Frazier, CPA, who admitted to falsifying tax filings for football official and teacher Nick D’Arcangelo, announced the merging of his accounting practice with Arthur Spoon and Company, Ltd., denoting the new firm will consist of himself and two other principals, Jerry Hilderbrand and Kenneth Kolek. Frazier proclaims Arthur Spoon, CPA, will continue with the practice to assist in the transition with his clients before retiring and that the practice will initially operate under the firm banner Frazier, Spoon and Company, PLC [sic], to meet state licensing requirements.

“Both Mr. Hilderbrand and Mr. Kolek come from Colorado and Iowa, respectively, where they operate a [sic] very successful firms. I am excited to be associated with them. Their expertise will allow me to provide a wider range of professional services to both my business and individual clients. Our goal is to maintain and over time improve the services that each of you have come to expect. I will continue to be actively involved with each of your tax and accounting needs as I have in the past.”, declares Frazier.

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