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J O Combs Middle School Principal Mark Mauro knew of complaints and issues surrounding Nick D'arcangelo.

******* Comment by Anonymous Jul 9, 2013 : I went to talk to Mr Darcangelo who was known around our school to answer student sex questions that my boyfriend wanted us to *** and I was scared of getting pregnant. Mr. D said we didnt have to go all the way and could do some other things I’d really like. He was telling me about oral sex and how to give it to my boy friend and what he could do to me. I got so embarrassed and wanted to leave and Mr. D said it was OK for me to get excited talking about this to him. I never liked it when I saw him after that and was scared to tell my mom and dad.

******* Comment by MemykidsandI Jun 30, 2013 from Mesa, Arizona : Do not send your kids there. Horrible school. The administration is inadequate from the top down. They have poor ways of handling issues and complaints are a waste of time. Drug addicts and serial child predators could be teaching your kids and bad teachers are protected. Enroll your kids in another school.

******* Comment RonandDawn Jul 01, 2013 from San Tan Valley, Arizona :

Dear Memykidsani, Did you hear about any complaints about Mr. Darcangelo they didn't tend to?

******* Comment MemykidsandI Jul 01, 2013 from Mesa, Arizona :

Ron and Dawn, Yes, about 5 or 6 years ago while teaching theatre arts at St. Mary’s downtown. Complaints about Mr. D’arcangelo preying on teenage girls and directing classes while drunk and high were dubiously swept under sacramental robes. The same principal is now at Combs Middle School. Coincidence Mr. D’arcangelo is now at Combs? I think not. Talking to the school and district will net nothing but retribution against your kids. Don’t send your children there. Bus them across the city if you have to.

******* Comment Pineapple Vegetarian Jun 25, 2013 from Phoenix, Arizona : We thought when we met Mr. D’Arcangelo after he started teaching at our children’s school there would be direction and discipline in his classroom. Our child seemed to like him and we assumed he treats each and every one of these students as appropriate. We came to know Mr. D’Arcangelo as showing little direction with the class and letting things go out of control. The kids talked about students screaming to quiet everything down with Mr. D’Arcangelo sitting back in a daze.


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